cnc machining process design Importance of CNC machining services in China?

cnc machining process design Importance of CNC machining services in China?

cnc machining process design, Importance of CNC machining services in China?

You might gain several advantages from Chinese CNC machining services. First, the supply chain is quite extensive and effective. Furthermore, our staff members are motivated and skilled. However, they put in 10 hours a day of work. Do you believe that the distance is a drawback? On the other hand, we can deliver short series to Europe in a week upon request. Sandblasting, anodizing, and laser engraving of text and symbols are a few examples of this. Try not to accelerate too frequently, though. Because quick manufacturing incurs additional costs and runs the risk of sacrificing quality.


Let’s assume that a short series’ typical production period is three weeks. Custom machined parts are something we excel in producing. More specifically, CNC milling is a possibility for materials like aluminum and others like brass, stainless steel, and common steel. We also manufacture plastic components.

Our high standards and reasonable costs are something you can depend on. Please email us with your inquiry without hesitation. Within 24 hours, a sales engineer from our company will respond to your inquiry. And don’t forget that HongAo Precision also provides CAD services and engineering support. You can be confident that the parts will be created in the finest manner possible if you allow us to create the drawings

How Does CNC Machining Work?


CNC machining operates similarly to a robot. Initially, CNC machines are fully automated. The instructions on cutting trajectories and tooling are only needed in digital files, which brings us to our second point. Dimensional duties are completed as instructed after the system is turned on. Designing the parts in the CAD software is the first step in the procedure. The final part’s required dimensions and other specifications are established by a 3D model. There are CAD-CAM packages in several of the programs. Therefore, you do not need to have any kind of file compatibility.


After that, CAM software gets the model ready for the full fabrication procedure. After checking the model for faults, it prepares a CNC program to fabricate the actual part. The manufacturing parameters must be chosen as the next stage. These consist of voltage, cutting speed, RPMs, and many other variables. The computer then decides to nest. The parts are positioned and oriented about the raw material in this way. For the machinery to interpret, the information is converted into M-code and G-code.