Two-element measuring instrument vms 3020 for top quality cnc machining parts

Two-element measuring instrument vms 3020 for top quality cnc machining parts

Top Quality Cnc Machining Parts test equipment  VMS-3020 manual two-dimensional measuring instrument

VMS-3020 manual two-dimensional measuring instrument is suitable for all application fields aimed at two-dimensional plane measurement. It is widely used in scientific research units, quality inspection institutions and machining, precision hardware, liquid crystal display, rubber and plastics, automobile manufacturing, electronic appliances, molds, metals, packaging, wire and cable, semiconductors, medical equipment, aviation, military and other industries Precision testing of products.


Focus indicator function: When detecting different workpieces, the computer-aided calculation determines the focus plane each time, and provides high-definition color images to ensure measurement accuracy and repeatability;
Automatic edge finding function: Sensitivity can be set to avoid human visual errors;
LED is adjustable and can choose upper and lower double light sources: to provide a wide and changeable light source selection system for measuring workpieces;
Measurement and evaluation of geometric elements: measurement and evaluation of basic geometric elements such as points, straight lines, circles, ellipses, and arcs;
Point, straight line, circle, ellipse, arc powerful fuzzy

Top quality cnc machining parts application equipment VMS-3020 manual two-dimensional measuring instrument data information:

Power supply      voltage 220VAC±10%, frequency 50Hz, power 600W
Operating environment Recommended ambient temperature is 25±3°C, humidity 30~80RH(%), no vibration and electromagnetic interference
X, Y axis measurement stroke 300*200mm
Z-axis measurement stroke 200mm focusing and auxiliary measurement
Transmission form X, Y axis smooth rod transmission Z axis screw drive
Bearing 25KG
Measurement accuracy X.Y coordinate indication error ≤ (3+L/150) μm
Grating ruler 1μm resolution
The guide rail adopts linear preload high-precision guide rail, optimizes the load layout of the cross guide rail, has strong anti-angular swing ability, small resistance and small wear
Image sensor High resolution 1/3"CCD camera
Light source Contour light: LED cold light source, adjustable; surface light: LED cold light source, 256 levels, adjustable
Optical lens 0.7~4.5X continuous zoom objective lens
The magnification ratio is 20~128X, with a 2X magnification lens added, the total magnification ratio is 20~260X
Object field of view 11.1mm~1.7mm
Software 3D measurement software
Working distance 90mm
Equipment size L750*W510*H850mm
Weight about 160kg