Important Principles Of CNC Machining

Important Principles Of CNC Machining

Important Principles Of  CNC  Machining

In the process of precision parts processing, a reasonable process line is an important principle that remains unchanged. There are often several surfaces that need to be processed on a CNC machining part. These surfaces not only have certain precision requirements, but also have certain precision requirements between each surface. In order to ensure the size and position requirements, the circuit sequence of each surface of the CNC machining part cannot be arranged arbitrarily, but must follow certain principles, that is, the selection and conversion of the positioning datum determines the processing sequence, and the pre-process prepares the positioning datum for the subsequent process. important principle. Take a look at the following points:

Important Principles Of  CNC  Machining

1. Before processing the important surface of precision parts, the precision reference should be rested once to ensure the processing accuracy of the important surface.

2. After setting the fine benchmark and finishing the machining, rough machining, semi-finishing machining and finishing machining should be carried out on the main surfaces with higher precision requirements. Surfaces with particularly high precision requirements also require finishing.

3. The importance of the fine reference. The surface as the fine reference should be processed at the beginning of the CNC machining process, because it is used for positioning when processing other surfaces in the subsequent process. That is, "benchmarks first and others later".

4. The important principle of the process, when machining the fine datum plane, it is necessary to use the rough datum for positioning. In the processing and production of single pieces, small batches of parts, or even batch production, for castings and forgings with complex shapes or large sizes, and blanks with large dimensional errors, the marking process should be arranged before the machining process, so as to provide Fine datum machining provides alignment datum.

5. For processes that are prone to waste, finishing and finishing can be properly placed in front, and the processing of some minor small surfaces can be placed behind. Reasonably plan the processing line to avoid reducing the defective rate.

6. Requirements for the accuracy of the machine tool itself. Precision CNC machining parts not only require a reasonable processing line, but also the precision of the machine tool itself. Otherwise, even the best processing technical support will fail to meet the accuracy requirements.

The above are the important principles of precision CNC machining in Dongguan. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about precision CNC machining, welcome to read more of our articles!