OEM cnc machining parts swedish croma three-coodinate testing equipment

OEM cnc machining parts swedish croma three-coodinate testing equipment

OEM cnc machining parts swedish  croma three-coodinate testing equipment  
Croma Plus Series Scanning CMM

Using continuous scanning technology to achieve high-speed and high-precision sampling, it is widely used in high-precision detection tasks of various complex surfaces

Product Details
Croma PLUS series three-coordinate measuring machine is a precision instrument specially designed for the detection of complex surfaces. It has both precision and speed, setting a new standard for precision and efficiency. Complete various complex measurement tasks with high precision and high efficiency to meet the diversified testing needs of various industries.

Efficiency Wins PC-DMIS Scanning Module Makes Measurement Easier
PC-DMIS scanning module, with Hexagon X1 two-in-one sensor (scanning and triggering), can scan the surface of the workpiece, and complete the collection of hundreds of points in a few seconds, improving the efficiency several times

· DCC Scanning scanning module

   The length of the stylus can reach up to 225mm, which is convenient for deep hole measurement;

   · Equipped with a tiny scanning probe with a diameter of only 30mm, which has the function of anti-collision protection;

   · Measurement accuracy starting from 2.0μm;

Accuracy comes first PLUS, more than just accuracy+
CROMA PLUS endows Sirui with a stable and reliable three-coordinate mechanical structure with a high-performance control system. The standard Hexagon scanning probe widely recognized by the industry has high measurement accuracy and greatly improves the measurement efficiency of the equipment.

Ingenious design, precise response in every detail
The brand-new Croma inherits the classic design of all-aluminum frame, 60° precision triangular beam and integral dovetail X guide rail. Croma Plus exudes inherent professionalism and achieves smooth pleasure in one go. The group's global supplier platform and standard process flow together guarantee every detail

1. Grating installation method

The coefficient of thermal expansion of the grating has been certified by PTB. When assembling, one end is fixed

Fixed, the other end can expand and contract freely with temperature changes

2. Photopneumatic dynamic balancing technology

Advanced pneumatic balance technology, flexible suspension system, plus

The patented damping balance mechanism improves the dynamic characteristics of the machine

, and strengthened the security of the Z axis.
3. Integral dovetail guide rail

The one-piece dovetail guide rail improves the running accuracy of the whole machine.
4. Movable bridge structure

The advanced movable bridge structure provides a more open measurement space.
5. High-precision air flotation system

Preloaded air bearings on each shaft eliminate friction and run

The effect of wear on the machine and insensitivity to dust on site

6. Standard process flow

The thick and stable integral granite workbench reduces the vibration

The flatness of the table conforms to the DIN876 standard.
7. Remote placement of drive motors

Remote placement of motors reduces moving mass, increases speed, and avoids

Avoid the impact of motor heating on machine performance.

8. High-precision triangular beam technology

Precision triangular beam TM (TRICISIONTM) beam design, reduce

The center of gravity is improved, while other forms of beams with equal width bearing spans

light weight.


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